Spring Branch Rescue
How It All Started

Many years ago I started networking lost & found animals in Spring Branch by creating a Spring Branch Lost Pets Page to help owners and finders with a place to post the animals. The page grew very quickly and became a neighborhood name.

I started operating as an independent rescuer helping many animals in need by providing vet care and placing them in good loving homes. The number of animals found in the area has grown and the idea of becoming a non-profit organization became a reality.

Now we are not only able to adopt our rescued animals in need found in our area, but have grown our name recognition in the Pacific Northwest, Colorado, Idaho, and Canada. We work together with an amazing community of animal lovers in Spring Branch and also Houston. We all work together to help the ones without voices. We save one animal at a time.

Contact SBR

Have a question, comment, suggestion or feedback please fill out the form and talk to us! Or you can email us, information below. 

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